Case Study / QA Process Review
Optimizing the software testing process

The Challenge

Multiple tests could be ordered for a single specimen and an additional summary report needed to be generated for every specimen. While distributing reports to the physician, the process was to fax each report individually. All reports needed to be included in a single fax.

“Automated testing has been able to bring a much more rapid development cycle to several key projects.”

Mark Henry,
Director of Software Development

The Solution

Using tools such as TFS 2013 and Visual Studio, we trained the team to create automated tests and perform automated testing for their software products. After a thorough audit and documentation of their existing processes, several recommendations were made followed up by group training sessions, workshops and one one on mentorship.


As a result of the review and training, higher quality software is delivered more consistently. The quality assurance staff are equipped to handle increasingly complex and demanding projects using the latest tools.