Cloud Migration, Backwards Compatible with Legacy Software, Cloud Server Infrastructure


Gatehouse Solutions has an extremely successful Windows based desktop application that services numerous clients across the country.  Their application provides each client with a sophisticated Gate Control Software System that manages entrances and exits of residents and visitors in a client property.  The product sold exceptionally well but as Gatehouse looked to grow their business, they knew they needed a Cloud solution in order to increase market share by providing customers option to access their software anywhere via the cloud.  Internally, a cloud solution offered the added benefit of reducing maintenance costs and increasing the scalability of their award winning solution.

A fast efficient implementation was paramount in order to meet business goals.  As a result, Gatehouse chose a Cenedex Cloud Migration that allowed for fast and efficient migration, while using much of the existing backend database structure and code as possible in order to save development time.

Since the internal staff was intimately familiar with Microsoft products.  Cenedex worked with Gatehouse to Migrate their Visual Basic 6 Code to a ASP.NET platform running on a Microsoft Azure Cloud Server with a Microsoft SQL Server back end.

Backwards Compatible


Gatehouse Solutions needed a a way to create a new Cloud platform while maintaining backwards compatibility with the numerous legacy desktop applications that were actively used by customers.  This backwards compatibility would allow customers to mix and match legacy and cloud technologies until all portions of the migration were complete.


To allow the needed backward compatibility Cenedex chose to create a cloud system that used the existing MS Access back end to temporarily allow Gatehouse’s legacy syncrhronizer to function with both the Cloud and Desktop applications.  We designed the front end cloud interface to be both compatible with the temporary MS Access Database and the future Microsoft SQL server database.  Once all subsystems were completed all ussers could then migrate to the cloud, leaving their legacy platform behind and taking full advantage of the new scalability provided by the cloud and lower maintenance costs.

The migration reduced the learning curve for Gatehouse Solution customers, giving them time to get adjusted to the new system and an opportunity to remain loyal to Gatehouse during this important transition.

Web Application


Gatehouse administrators needed a way to manage view reports, monitor occupant activities remotely. Although their previous desktop solution was feature rich and robust–it left the Gatehouse administrators chained to their PCs and didn’t allow them the freedom of true remote cloud access. In addition, due to the existing distributed client server the desktop system required considerable support and development resources to maintain.


In order to create a cloud system that would give all administrators fast remote access, Cenedex choose to build a web application using Microsoft ASP.NET technology with a Bootstrap front end. Bootstrap allowed for an aesthetically pleasing and elegant User Interface while saving coding hours by giving the Cenedex team the ability to create a single code base that could be accessed from mobile as well as desktop browsers.

Cloud Server Infrastructure & Services


Gatehouse Solutions requires a system with speed, robustness, and a high level of security as the system sometimes manages sensitive client data.


Cenedex worked closely with the Gatehouse team to tailor a solution that operates in the Microsoft Azure platform. We selected Azure for it’s open and flexible cloud service platform as well as it allowed the Gatehouse Solutions team to stay within the familiar Microsoft family of products. Azure’s built in subsystems helped to ease version control, data analytics, and maintenance task such as backup. In addition, it’s ability to scale Azure’s performance based on the web application resource needs allowed us to create a fast and reliable Web Application that performs well for such a mission critical system.