Desktop to Cloud Migrations

The fastest way to get your proprietary software on every tablet, mobile device, and desktop.


Having cloud accessibility for your proprietary software is now a must. Companies everywhere are moving and customers expect to be able to access your software from multiple devices. Our Desktop to Cloud Migration Team has extensive expertise in making fast elegant cloud solutions that bring all the functionality of your legacy products to the vast airspace of the cloud.

We will work closely with your legacy development team to ensure the reuse of as much of the existing code and data structure as possible while adding new features to the cloud product that will provide greater value to the end user.

“Our cloud migration process is elegant and process driven. We truly focus on the path of least resistance. We understand our customers have a product that already works so we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We focus on reusing the wheel while adding the magic of the cloud to their existing highly functional software solutions”

Kiran Band
Director of Cloud Migrations