Grow your business

Move to the cloud

Build mobile apps

Cenedex works passionately to integrate information, design, and technology to help our clients transform their visions to reality.


Custom Mobile Development

We give our clients the opportunity to leverage our technical skills in order to turn their mobile visions into a technological reality.

Desktop to Mobile Migrations

Engage your users where they are. Build an application that works on a wide range of devices and platforms.

Custom Cloud Development

Leverage our years of expertise to build your mobile responsive cloud application today. Our cloud application meet business needs while providing access from Android, iOs, and Windows based mobile devices.

Desktop to Cloud Migrations

We help our clients reduce maintenance costs and increase accessibility of their applications by moving their systems from legacy platforms to the cloud.

We work with Startups

Quality software is not only required by seasoned companies but is a necessity for passionate startups looking to change the world with their new technologies. Cenedex helps you build those technologies.

Startup minded developers

We focus on hiring startup minded developers who are not only passionate about technology but are also truly interested in seeing their work change the world.

Equity Share Pricing

If your product qualifies, we can offer you equity share pricing which allows you to make your development dollars go further in exchange for an equity share. This extra inventive of ownership creates even more organic passion for your project.

Startup Contact Network

Over the years, we have developed a deep network of contacts who are start up minded who can be leveraged to help with funding, marketing, and general connections.

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” Cenedex is a true partner. They work closely with our own development team to ensure that all business as well as technical objectives are met in a timely manner. Not only do they do great technical work, but they have an incredible sense of meeting our business goals. ”

Bill Chavers
President, Software Development
Meril Business Services